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Friday Fun

The latest Listing in our Places to Visit is Wardour Castle Near Tisbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire UK SP3 6RR -Romantic ruin of a castle damaged in the Civil War. Beautiful area and interesting history. They have Easter Egg trails and Picnics, submitted to Places to Visit by Cools Farm, throughout the day we add them and some are mentioned on here as well. Its is a lovely sunny morning and there is much to do web work wise, garden wise, car wise & bread & Scones to attempt ! so best dash and make haste while the sun shines

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Places to Visit

The Centurion Way, Centurion Way Trail Victorian Barn, Ford, West Sussex United Kingdom BN18 OEF was once the Chichester to Midhurst Railway line. The section between Lavant and Chichester was used for the transportation of sugar beet and was closed completely in 1957. The tracks were removed in 1993. submitted to our Places to Visit by Chichester B&B The Bosham B&B, Chichester, West Sussex

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Thursday here already

Well as we march towards another weekend and let hope its a sunny one ! we leave the week behind and our Places to Visit section fuller than at the beginning, a huge thank you to all who have submitted listings so far and we look forward to receiving even more next week and the weeks and months ahead. If you know of any upcoming events for the year ahead then let us know. Here in the garden the Garlic is awaiting its planting as the raised beds in the poly tunnel are ready and the soil all warm and inviting to the garlic bulbs to go into ! like an electric blanket on a cold winters night definitely no shivering when they go to bed just nice and toasty ! . We will also try and add as many as we can of the attractions that are posted on our Book Bed and Breakfast Facebook page ! . Hens are making the “Ive laid and egg noise” so better dash and collect them.

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Egg Collected

1 Egg so far Olga is back in action would love a couple of Skyline hens blue/green/peach coloured eggs maybe later in the year ! more for the family & Olly !

Posted by: Book Bed and Breakfast | March 21, 2012

Oh Deer !

In the lane this morning a lovely 14 large deer inc 4 stags walked calmly across the lane ! stood in the field very close as I tried with not so good mobile to get a pic can just make them out on the screen lol NO time to dash in find camera let alone batteries ! still was fab site made our day ! OH then said glad we always close our gates at night ! many a true word ! had visions of 14 of them happily munching my veggies & as for the ladies ! well Olga & Clemmie would have been unamused ! Sunny morning here in Suffolk and will be getting on posting a few of the latest attractions so keep on posting them and you may be on there yet !

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Gourds Hens & Online Stuff

Rosemary & Curry plants have new homes, in large “bargain” planters brought yesterday along with Italian long curly gourds/squashes that we found in our local garden centre, so that’s me sorted for a weekend of fun! Book Bed and Breakfast is now receiving more “attractions” but as ever we have room for more so keep em coming & inform your visitors of what is around in your area and remember if you have any local beauty spots / annual craft events you can list those as well ! Also we have a Special Offers section that our visitors may find useful this is a FREE service for all our advertisers/members to use to promote their offers throughout the year. Will be christening the new eggcup & cosy brought for my mothers day gift this morning ! Clemmies large brown egg will look splendid sat in the purple egg cup now f OH gets one for Fathers Day we will have a matching set come to think of it “maybe that was the plan” when they brought mine as they say watch this space !

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Monday Fog & Frost

Monday morning starts here with Fog & Frost ! good job all the fruit bushes are now undercover, peeped out the window and towards the hedge all looks well with the clematis Diana ! phew will hope the 2 at the front door have also missed the frost. On the upside we have been told the week ahead looks dry and bright. Work on Book Bed and Breakfast will continue as we strive to make further improvements to the site and its services, I will try and put fingers to keyboard later and explain more.

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With the help of 2 happy digging hens sat on top of a large heap of home made compost ! heavy rain & some old wood we eventually made 3 large raised beds for the veggies and strawberries !. All beds now filled with rich free ! compost and awaiting veggies. Today we have some of our family for lunch, so no slacking and it will be an all hands on deck morning as there is a lasagne (a request for lunch !) garlic bread, custard (not at the same course of course !) scones to make and a house to tidy all before 12 so this will be a fast post. Please keep adding your attractions to Book Bed and Breakfast it is with your the accommodation owners local knowledge that we will soon have lots of very useful visitor information on the site, all of which we hope will help your guests know in advance what they can find to see and do in your area before they visit. Anyway as it is Mothers Day we hope you all have a lovely day and get to put your feet up at some point !

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Rainy Saturday

Saturday has arrived wet and damp !!! grey skies not blue but we can still get the bags that we are growing potatoes in out the poly tunnel and into the wet weather, they will love it and soon be growing away happily. We will be using some old reclaimed wood to make a couple of frames inside the poly tunnel to grow veggies in. I planted approx 30 strawberry plants at the back of it yesterday and interspersed them with home grown spinach plants hopefully NO BIRDS will get them this time or at least not so many ! The hens loved being out yesterday afternoon sitting on the herb box their absolute favourite place of anywhere I think they have a good vantage point from up there.  Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for lunch (sadly 1 cannot make it but we will have a FAB time at the end of the month when she comes home for a visit. Distance only intensifies love !  see you all later fingers crossed the sunshine pops out for a little while !

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Computers & Potatoes

As the wet weather is due to arrive tomorrow there is a small gap to get in the rest of the strawberries, potatoes and other assorted veggies ! all ably assisted by Olga & Clemmie who are currently trying to find an escape route out of their run ! Clemmie is the ace escaper and can usually find somewhere to squeeze through or failing that takes a run up and manages to fly over the fence (and its quite high “!)  but the happy clucking and mooching about is worth its weight in gold to them and they are happy to be out of their large pen sorting out the grass for me as lawn mowers go they are cheap but quite effective IF you like the BARE SOIL LOOK !!!! So until later where there will be more news Please keep adding the attractions in our places to visit section and YES you can add Restaurants, Cinemas & Craft Fairs etc so until later Bye for Now !

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